Happy Birthday Papa Wishes In English

Happy Birthday Papa Wishes In English



Happy Birthday Papa Wishes

Hello friends, today we have brought you. Your best friend, your father Daddy, wishes you a Happy Birthday. The best status is called poetry. There can be no better friend than a father in the world….  Have sent birthday greetings to you through quotes, shayari. Give happiness to your father, the Strongest head of the family, which is called the whole world father.

Secondly, after mother, The guru has agreed to the father. That harden from outside, but for your children. It is soft from Inside. Today to celebrate the birthday of that great father. Excellent status, poetry … Share to friends On facebook whatsapp twitter instagram and pinterest Etc.



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What should I write about that father,
Who never thought about himself,
Life was spent for the sake of children,
Not a drop in his eyes till today.
Happy birthday my lovely father.


Kissing your palm in my father.
The palm that made my fortune,
Would not have happened if my father,
So this world would destroy my personality.
Happy birthday to you father


Smiling sweet father,
my beautiful sweet smile papa ..
Happy birthday to you,
my Happy Father…


I pray your success every step,
Sweet joy heart happiness. my father us life,
Happy birthday to my dear innocent father,
Thousands of guys pray your name,


Kept me in the rain and kept burning in the sun,
I have also seen as a Farishta father on the ground ….
Happy birthday my sweet father…


Strong love my father heart live in this,
lovely be a great my father, in this world you,
Always be successful in my father.
every moment… Happy birthday father…


happy birthday papa wishes in english


In this world who loves without grace,
Those angels are named mother and father …
Happy birthday my great father.


This is thing 100% is so sure.
The sons have progressed due.
To the scolding of the father.
Happy birthday my sweet father.


Mother’s relationship is precious but father’s relationship is not less
If the mother’s service is heaven then the father’s service is a ladder. Of Paradise,
Happy birthday my sweet father…


Gul from Gulshan said from,
moon to from moonstar said,
We tell you Want a lot,
Happy birthday to you dad,
lovely Happy birthday my sweet father…


I have received a lot of love from my father,
Dear Father Birthday, from the love of my heart,
Happy birthday my lovely father…


Someone has sent gifts, someone has sent sweets,
We have sent prayer. to love my dad.
Happy Birthday my sweet lovely father.


Happy birthday dad quotes in english


One day goes too far. after flying, Daughters are like birds for fathers.


On your happy birthday, Our prayer to God,
As long as the sun and the moon,
Your age is like moon day …
Happy Birthday my sweet dad …


May your succeed every world
Father you get the blessings of God
Happy birthday my dear dad
God, my age will also give you …


Every never happiness without a father is happy,
Life seems lonely on a lonely journey,
Never be angry with my father.
god, It is your identity to live in this all world. god,
Happy birthday my father…


My sky is my god. Father is my father. my life,
Father is the only one who believes in me,
My father is my heaven my god,
Happy birthday my lovely father…


Someone said love is not forgotten,
Then why do people forget the love of parents,
In the spirit of embracing them,
the celebrity erased, And you are not hugging your father ….


Happy birthday dad wishes in english


I Honor, my fame, my status,
And I believe my honor, my father
My pride is in my father who gives me the courage
We love you so much, happy birthday father


Father, in this world, you are the only person
Who trusted me every step of my decision
You are a very good father
I love you very much


Father, you taught us to walk with a finger
You made us laugh by hiding your tears,
How to forget such a father’s birthday
Happy birthday my dear dad
I love you very much


dear father, you play every duty.
Father owe debt throughout our lives
father Leaving sleep and making us sleep peacefully.


Papa, how do you make us laugh by hiding your tears?
Father, there is no God greater to me than you. …
Happy birthday my dear dad
I love you very much



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