I Love My Son And Daughter Quotes

I Love My Son And Daughter Quotes | Daughter quotes from dad



Hello, my dear friends, today we you son’s day love quotes, (I love My Son And Daughter Quotes, daughter quotes from dad, daughters day quotes from mother, daughter and son quotes from father, father daughter quotes) and love quotes on daughter’s day, talk of national son’s day,

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Everyone’s family is
inhabited by daughter
If there were no daughters
the world would have stopped !!
Daughter is the pride of this world


Son always meets luck and
These daughters always meet fortunately.
We shouldn’t make a difference


It is not necessary, sir,
to be lighted by lamp only,
These daughters also light up the house.
I Love My Little Cute Daughter.


daughters are not in everyone’s luck,
These are the houses that God likes.
To whose house this daughter goes,
life becomes happy


I Love My Son And Daughter Quotes


Man’s first smile is his daughter
The identity of the person is his daughter
I never considered him home,
That house is also a house
where there are no daughters. “


This day also comes in the life of parents
A piece of liver goes away one day
Tell us how much trouble we have
As God gets far away from life


Daughters are like paddy plants
While at home, they are like alien
Bird, are like life is Daughters


Every daughter has
a fortune in her father.
But every father’s fate
does not have a daughter.
Happiness at home only children bring


daughter and son quotes from father


The form of goddess is the
honor of goddess, daughters
Daughters are the lights
to brighten the house.
All the happiness of the world,
daughters are identified with God


Every wish of daughter don’t is fulfilled
Daughters make both home happy
Yet daughters are never incomplete


Make both home happy, All Daughter
Daughter, you are an angel sent from heaven.
Thanks to God thousand – thousand


Smile makes me smile. Daughter’s
Daughter’s smile touches the heart.
The daughters’ heart is pure and truthful.
Above all, I am proud that I am his father.


Son And Daughter Quotes


Removes silence, All daughters.
Happiness in life, coming daughters
Both where I am name best daughters
Both make the world famous, daughters


Really behind every great daughter
Is a wonderful father.
My daughter is my passion and my life.


Beti Pita Ke Liye Pari Hoti Hai
Sapno Ki Pholjhadi Hoti Hai
Bete Ka Hona Bhagyashali Mante Hai
Par Beti Ka Hona ShuBhagyashali Hai


पिता के लिए बेटी परी होती है |
बेटी, सपनो की फुलझडी होती है |
बेटे का होना भाग्यशाली मानते है |
पर बेटी का होना शुभाग्यशाली होता है |


A daughter is an angel to her father.
Daughter is dreamy of dreams.
After some time is far away from the father
But it is good to have a son. but
It is considered lucky to have a Daughter.


Agar Aap Chahte Hai Ki Apka Beta Ek Accha Ek Jimedar Vyakti Bane
To Aapko Bhi Ek Accha Aur Ek Jimmedar Vyakti Banne Ki Avashyakta Hai


अगर आप चाहते हैं कि आपका बेटा एक अच्छा जिम्मेदार व्यक्ति बने
इसलिए आपको एक अच्छा और जिम्मेदार व्यक्ति बनने की भी आवश्यकता है


If you want your son to be a good responsible person
So you also need to be a good and responsible person


Daughters day quotes from mother


आपको अपने बच्चे के लिए और अधिक धन जुटाने की आवश्यकता नहीं है |
यदि आपकी शिक्षा, आपके मूल्य उच्च कोटि के हैं,
तो आपके पुत्र मंजिल से बहकाया नहीं जा सकता
और अगर बेटा अयोग्य है, तो उसे कितनी भी संपत्ति दी जाए,
वह हमेशा कम महसूस करेगा


You do not need to raise any more money for your child
If your education, your values are of high quality,
then your sonsCan’t be seduced by the floor
And if the son is unworthy,
then no matter how much property is given to him,
he will always feel less


Santaan Apne Mata Pita Se Kitni Hi Badi Kyu Na Ho Jaye
Vah Hamesha Mata Pita Ke Bacche Hi Kahlaye Jayenge


कोई भी बच्चा अपने माता-पिता से कितना भी बड़ा क्यों न हो,
उसे हमेशा अपने माता-पिता की संतान कहा जाएगा।

No matter how big the child is from his parents,
he will always be called the children of his parents.




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Par Day provides the latest collection, in Hindi and English, Today, for you, father and daughter love-filled relationship has brought Hindi Motivational Quotes

Father and daughter’s relationship is considered to be the most beloved way in the world. Is It is not possible to describe this precious relationship in words, a daughter wants as much as her father, hardly a son will want his father so much, the importance of the daughter is considered to be at the forefront, we should never differentiate between a son or a daughter.

One should understand the same and impart higher education to them. Every daughter of yours is like a son, save daughter, teach daughter. Thank you for your valuable time. If the article looks good then write comment, like it, share it and share happiness in your family




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