Inspirational Quotes About Mother Earth

Inspirational Quotes About Mother Earth | Save The World Quotes



Inspirational Quotes About Mother

Hello dear friends have brought for you today, (inspirational Quotes About Mother Earth | Save The World Quotes) these English motivational quotes to save mother earth) beauty will save the world quotes, best save the world quotes, earth day quotes for kindergarten, god please save the world quotes, how to save the world quotes,

Inspirational quotes about mother earth,

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Our responsibility is to save the earth,
Save the earth save people’s lives
Make the environment pollution free


We have to keep the earth clean
Keep the earth pollution free
This is our slogan, make the earth beautiful
People, people have to reach this message


Inspirational Quotes


This earth is inherited from its ancestors
We should keep it clean. take care earth.
No matter how far we go
But, Earth is mother, it should be taken care of


Thinking well will change history.
We will change the autumn into spring
Good thinking change society
The meaning of life changes


Human life thrives on earth
Come make the all earth us heaven
Makes the right decision, develops right in life


Stop cutting the vegetation
Cutting forests have to be saved
Make the environment pollution free
Then our environment will be pure


Sitting in the quiet environment of nature
May we make the mind and soul divinity
Come spread the good news on earth


This is our responsibility
Make the earth pollution free
Come make the all earth us heaven


Plant trees save the earth
Bring greenery to the earth
Make the next generation pollution free
Learn to live life the right way


Love mother earth
Make Diwali with music
Politics has given you the right
Bring prosperity to barren earth


Save the world quotes


We will keep safe every forest
If the coming generation is dear to everyone
God has sent life to the ground
Saving the earth is our responsibility


Take care of the environment
Only then the country will be great
If there is greenery on the earth
That powerful is prosperous full


The breath is getting shorter
Come, plant trees, we
Together we save life


Do not kill nature
Come save the environment
Correctly, take responsibility


beauty will save the world quotes
save the world from disease quotes
design won’t save the world quotes
save the world god quotes

People have only one call
Save the earth from pollution my friend
When in the world, meaning will not exist
All will remain in vain, friend


Make the earth clean
Make all life clean
If you protect the earth
Earth will fill happiness in life


If Earth everything does destroy
This is the invitation of death, brother
Save the earth from pollution
Make your life heaven


The matter of cleanliness is to reach the people
We have to save the ravaged trees
Let’s take care of our responsibility together
To remove diseases from the world
Planting a tree every day


Do not wipe the earth, friends
Plant lots of trees, friends
Make the beauty of the earth, friends
Make your life heaven, friends
Happy Earth Day…

Mother earth quotes


Earth is made of God
We should never harm it
Save the Earth from pollution,


Respect the mother earth
Earth is our life
Make your life a paradise,
Plant a tree everyday


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