Kiss Shayari In English For Girlfriend

Kiss Shayari In English For Girlfriend | Lip Kiss shayari in English


Kiss Shayari In English For Girlfriend

Hello dear friends, if you are searching for your girlfriends on google, lips kissing shayari in english, then dear friend your search is complete, yes today we have brought you, (Kiss Shayari In English For Girlfriend) Romantic Messages, love quotes in English. 

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Season is love, let me love you a little
Come fill me in your arms….
My Dear Sweetheart…


Have a little love of the weather
If you love, then fill us in the arms,
Let’s go into the dream world with me,
Every day we kiss you kiss us today…


Kiss Shayari In English For Girlfriend


Wish my lips touch your lips
See where only your face appears,
your relationship be like this Should
May our hearts also connect with lips…


Kissing you in my Lips do
Licking your, lips sweet Juice,
My Your Life we mixing love
Life is beautiful We make life happy


I said you are hot chili
She kisses My, lips and now?
I said love is complete


You Wet We lips with your lips
Make your lips even more juicy,
We should love you so much
Suck your we lips and make
you even more energetic…love


Kissed her lips, i realized
necessary to quench thirst.
That only water is not ?


Kissing your My lips,
These are the wishes of the heart,
Yes this is not my thing
Heart is a reward. your love


Today I have to take a my love.
shower with you in the rain,
My dream is so beautiful
The drops of rain that fell on your lips,
Have to lift them from your lips.


Lip Kiss shayari in english


Wish my lips touch your lips
My dream is so beautiful
Relationship like this our Lips,
We connect with you lips. love you


Don’t promise me, don’t act
You can’t find it by touching it
Be true to heart, i love you
Come kiss me with my lips?


Evening dipped in the color of love,
Let there be a new start message,
Meet your lips with my lips like this
Like my lips are my love
yours and your lips are in my
I said love is complete


There is no love from Surat,
Love is from the heart,
Surat looks lovely on its own,
Those who are in the heart…
I said love is complete


I do not know who life
has searched my eyes, your
by the way. When I see you,
There is a pride, of destination.
Those who are in the heart…you


Hear the punishment for coming in my arms
Now I will set you free in a long time…
There was no tear in my eyes
And I went on lips kissing him…


Came in left a mark on his throat.
Who had asked me the sign of love
There were thousands of complaints and several days of unrest.
My wife and everything is love kiss today.

Want to connect the lips with your lips,
Want to hide in arms you love
Having crossed the limit my love
Want to make you mine today we

Make your lips wet with lips,
May I make your lips even more lush.
Let the lips touch the lips
Yes Let the heart talk like this

kissing shayari on lips


Wish my lips touch your lips
We See where your face appears,
Let’s have something like this with our lips
May our hearts also join. your love


Yes I touched the your lips, i love
My mind Lives to touch your lips,
Tell the truth, there are more desires in your heart too?
You are my sweetheart that makes we love.


Your Love reached silence heart
Let the heart take the love floor
Flowers are made your love,
Let the lip juice after the bud bloom
My dew is a delicate wish for the mind


My the evening dipped in the color of love,
be the message of a new beginning,
meet your lips with my lips like my lips are yours
you are my love heartbeat to you mine.


Love does not happen from Surat, love is from the heart,
I do not know who has god my heart,
Face seems to love you, who is in the heart
Yes I wish my lips could touch your lips,



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