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Message On Save Earth

Hello friends, we have brought for you today _ international earth day quotes _All types of materials related to save earth are available on our website, Digitalmindwork which you can use as per your requirement. ( short quotes on save earth, international earth day, earth day messages quotes, message on save earth, quotes on save earth, quotes about earth day,) Precious quotes And international mother earth day quotes and beautiful short quotes on save earth | International Earth Day in English If you like our quotes, then like our Facebook page, send it to your friends. .. 22 April earth day

Every year on 22 April, we celebrate Earth Day to make people aware of the preservation of the Earth’s environment. On this day people – thank the things given by nature. And many people also make people aware through social media by sharing Earth Day, message and motivational ideas. We have also brought beautiful wallpaper status, quotes for you on Earth Day, due to which – you can send wishes for Earth Day.    …. thank you




The needs of all the humans of the earth world
Provides sufficient resources to do
But not to satisfy greed.
Save the earth


Message On Save Earth


Our earth is full of heaven
But only he can see
The one who takes off his shoes is public.
Save the earth


Once a friend sent a post
On which there was a photo of
the whole earth taken from space.
It was written back, “I wish you were here.
Po moment still reminds me


Spring has come again.
Yes The earth is like a child
The poems are well remembered.
Every single moment spent on
this blue glowing planet is precious


Tree plants are divine poems.
Whom the earth writes on the sky.
We should never forget those.
Save The Earth


We are reaching such a point
Where we have placed the burden on the earth
If we do not remove it ourselves,
the earth will have to remove it.


The time spent between trees is never wasted.
Fragrance of the earth is like a divine flower


Tree plant green – grows green grass
Crops bring sweet fruits
When the earth struggles
Joy and happiness come in life


International Earth Day


Fertilize your body
Provided grain to humans
Shade the bird by planting trees
Being a mother did so much on children


Water is life, Earth mother for water.
Nadia makes , waterfalls, seas.
In the lap, we all belong to Mother Earth.
Mother Earth, makes everyone sleep together.
How much does Mother Earth love we children


Earth is the root of life, do not forget the importance of its protection.
Let’s work together to save the Earth, so that our name is in the world.


Earth has to be saved, we have to fulfill human religion,
let us all take a resolution and make our country free from pollution.


have to do we battle to protect the earth
We have to save the Earth from pollution


Only when we plant trees will we be able to save the earth.
The calamity that has come to the earth is heavy,
now it is our responsibility to save it.


We say that the earth is our mother, then why does not man save it.
If the person does not wake up now, the earth will disappear.
It communicates happiness in life, Earth behaves like mother.



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This festival is celebrated all over the world to inspire a sense of environmental security. This Earth Day is celebrated every year. Dear Friends, in this post today,

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Thank you for your precious time on Earth Day.



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