Quotes On Friend Birthday In English

Quotes On Friend Birthday In English | Birthday Wishes For Friend

Quotes On Friend Birthday
Hello, dear friends have brought for you today, (Quotes on friend birthday in English, birthday wishes for friend, emotional birthday wishes for best friend, birthday wishes for best friend male,) these English motivational quotes to Friend Birthday) Inspirational status about Best Friend Birthday, Quotes message, In English, if you like our quotes please share, beautiful status, wish to contribute to making your beloved Friend Birthday beautiful, – Shayari in the English language, share it in Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram And Pinterest Thanks. your nice is the best day


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May your path be easy
Smile on your face
Be beautiful every day
Birthday man, be awesome
Happy birthday my dear friend,


Your are My Very Best Friends
Do not complain, friend
Cake birthday dear friend
Happy Birthday Party Happy friend….



Flowers have sent a drink of nectar,
Sun has sent salute to Sky,
Happy new birthday to you, Friend
We have sent this message wholeheartedly.


Love of elders, love of loved ones
Lovely, Happy Birthday My Friend
May God bless you today
Who has never met anyone till date.
Happy Birthday My Best Friend,

The sun has brought the light
And in the sky, the birds Sing song
The flowers said by laughing,
Happy friend’s birthday came,
Happy birthday my best friend
How to thank him for this day,
My Friend Who sent you to earth for us
Lots of love to you on Sweet birthday
I wish you all the best for your long life


Every wish of your heart yours,
All the happiness where you is ,
If you ask for a star of heaven,
So God, give you hope nice,
Happy Birthday My Friend,


Face your like a rose feeding us,
Your name is bright like sun,
You keep on smiling in like flowers,
We, keep celebrating your birthday like this .. !!
We will bring happiness to of you.
Decorate the world with flowers to for your,
Will make your Birthday day beautiful !!
We Will decorate your Birthday for you !!
You are my Best friend, my friend
I wish you a happy birthday…My Friend
Heart ever sees you, My Dear Friend
Never be sad, Your Birthday beloved is cute

Birthday Wishes For Friend


On your birthday, we offer this prayer,
You are my Best friend, my friend
May happiness never be apart from you
Do let your lips smile. Happy Birthday Friend
May you have the happiness of the world,
Your heart blossom with your Birthday
I wish you a very happy birthday.friend
We, keep celebrating your birthday like this .. !!

My heart is praying that you be happy
Your heart is deeply like the sea, my friend
May you always be full of happiness. happy birthday
We, keep celebrating your birthday like this .. !!

We love every day, happy birthday your,
By the way, heart always blesses you,
Still say Happy Birthday to you.
We have sent this message wholeheartedly…


Happy beautiful laughter love you to birthday
Happy birthday to you dear friend
Never let any sorrow ever come near you
Wherever the best ones are like your flowers,
Happy love life you


You are the rose that does Best blossom in parts,
the angels of sky would also care for you.
This Birthday is precious to you,
celebrate your birthday and laugh my friend

Sometimes – 2 remember your best friends too
True emperor is only from friends
Happy Birthday My Dear Friends.
Friendship is a lovely responsibility for a friend
It should be easy to do
Happy birthday my best friend


Which phase of life is not known
Someone get that hearty friend of theirs
Who befriends not his wealth
He meets friends at heart
Happy birthday my best friend


Birthday wishes


Has given me a star by breaking from the sky,
lord has given a beautiful life to a friend
My luck also hurts me love ,
God has given me such a best friend.
Wish you Happy Birthday to you.


Neither you go away nor we go away my friend
We will play our part of the friendship.
My luck also hurts me love, friend
God has given me love friend.
Happy birthday friend!


मेरा दिल दुआ करता है आप हमेशा खुश रहे
सुन्दर फूलों की तरह आप मुस्कुराये
बहुत सारी शुभकामनाये सच्चे दिल से हमारी
आप हर वर्ष इसी तरह अपना जन्मदिन मनाये


My heart makes you happy
You smile like beautiful flowers
Lots of best wishes from our heart
You celebrate your birthday like this every year
Happy Birthday My Friend


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