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Ramayana Movie Hrithik Roshan, Bollywood Info / Adventure Indian Film


1.  Ramayana Movie Hrithik Roshan

This time it is a Bollywood Devotional film (Ramayana) directed by Nitesh Tiwari. Adventure Drama Action is going to be the biggest entertainer movie _whose actor cast is (1) Hrithik Roshan (2) Deepika Padukone (3) Ranbir Kapoor (4) Salman (5) Sai Pallavi (6) Allu Aravind (7) Allu Aravind ” etc. Will be seen in a new different style, Adventure Action Hrithik Roshan film has the highest record, this film will have the highest score Ramayana with a lot of fun Adventure action, release date 2023,


2.  2023 Ramayana Film Hrithik Roshan

Film_Directed by : Nitesh Tiwari.

Film_Producers by : Madhu Mantena.

Film Music_Director by : NiL.

Release Date : _ June 2023



3.  Ramayana Film Cast :

(1) Hrithik Roshan

(2) Deepika Padukone

(3) Ranbir Kapoor

(4) Salman

(5) Sai Pallavi

(6) Allu Aravind

(7) Allu Aravind “


4.  Ramayana Adventure Film Info


The latest Bollywood news film ramayana is that Madhu Mantena, who has produced Udta Punjab, Ghajini, Super films and is working on Ramayan, has reportedly revealed an update about filming a live-action trilogy. Did.

After years of intense research and ground work on the story, the screenplay will be ready in a few months. The story needs equal amount of research and effort. This movie is going to be really exciting. It is in the pre-production stage for the past several months. As per the reports, this movie will be really big movie and big budget movie in Indian cinema. It is being called a film with the original roots of Ramayana.


5.  Ramayana Cast Trailer


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