Shayari On Father And Daughter In English

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Shayari On Father And Daughter In English



Shayari On Father And Daughter In English, A daughter’s relationship is very special for every parent, in today’s time daughters are no less than a son for parents. Daughters are also like sons. Today’s daughters are illuminating the name of your parents. So friends today we have brought for you. We hope for beautiful poetry on dear daughters. You will definitely like these quotes and poems.




Every household is inhabited by the love of a daughter,
If these daughters were not there, the world would have stopped!


Every household is filled with the affection of daughters!
If these daughters were not there, the world would have stopped!
Sweetness echoes in their heart
Do not keep a wall of distinction between boy and girl


A delicate bud like a flower was born in our house
A little angel came home, by the grace of Mata Rani
Has brought many gifts of happiness
my princess has a smile like her mother


Daughters are the boon of Goddess Lakshmi.
The Daughters are the honor of Goddess Saraswati.
Yes, Daughters are the life of a father.
Daughters are the pride of every household.


The one who grew up in the pampering love of her father.
Walked tied in an unknown relationship.
Innocent angel smiling with sad.
left father’s bosom today


Shayari On Father And Daughter In English


One, a man who respects women.
Must have loved his daughter very much.
only he can respect a woman
Whose house will have a lovely daughter.


The sweetest music is for a father.
Lovely sweet voice of his daughter.
who is tired of his busy life
A sweet smile of a daughter takes away all the tiredness


Sons are very fortunate in every household.
But daughters are fortunate in every home.
Pride and honor daughters of both clans
Daughters are the life of every father


Moving forward in every field, illuminating both the houses!!
These lovely daughters perform this great responsibility
The fate of the house where a daughter is born becomes unique.
Daughters are very simple innocent smile


Spring came in my lonely courtyard after your arrival.
I remember the tinkling of anklets on your little feet.


Knows the whole condition of each other’s hearts.
The father recognizes the happiness and sorrow of the daughter.


Sons often go away after breaking the hearts of their parents.
The daughter is lying quietly mending a broken anklet


His smile is never incomplete even in sorrow.
Every wish of daughters is never fulfilled.
With affection and love – both follow the rituals of the clan
Still these daughters are never incomplete.


every desire of daughters is father
Daughters are innocent and soft like divine flowers
Irrigate them with the beautiful water of love
Daughters are the dream of father


It is difficult to describe the relationship between father and daughter in words.
Because this relationship is saturated with divine love feelings.


Papa Beti Shayari English


The relation of mother and daughter is the relation of two hearts.
Daughter is the darling of the mother, the apple of the father’s eye.
Nature has created a unique love between father and daughter.
At the time of farewell, there is water in the eyes of a cruel father.


They know everything without being told.
father knows my every heart secret


I found this father, and his lap.
Today I will ask for a vow from God.
Father’s lap is my heaven.
I don’t ask heaven from God


No matter how heavy the burden, it does not stop.
This is the shoulder of the father who never gets tired


Do not consider yourself small in the crowd of people.
Don’t think yourself wrong when the father is with you


Daughters are a beautiful flower bud.
Daughters are full of love and faith.
Happiness and sorrow – remains Lifetime.
Mother -father’s beautiful, angel is daughters.


Daughters become very special in life.
The house in which it goes to happiness.
Every house feels deserted without a daughter
Daughters make both clans heaven.


Whatever the mischief sees his smile
The mind does not fill the mind with the heart of the heart
How long will you stop them to live life
This world walks with God willing daughters
She is also a daughter, someone has become your life today


After all, how long will you stop daughters from moving forward
Both son or daughter is a mother’s child
Natural is the name of nature – this is the world.
He is also an honor of someone who is your life today.




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