Sweet Words To Make A Girl Love U

Sweet Words To Make A Girl Love U, Sweet Words To Tell A Girl I Love You, Beautiful Thing To Say To A Girl, Words To Say A Girl Is Beautiful,

Sweet Words To Make A Girl Love U | sweet words to tell a girl i love you



Hello my dear friends, if you are searching for romantic love message on Google then your search has been completed, today we have brought you ( Sweet Words To Make A Girl Love U, Sweet Words To Tell A Girl I Love You, Sweet Words To Tell A Girl I Love, Sweet Words To Tell A Girl U Love ) So friends, send a message to our greatest love and wish your lover partner, have a good and happy time.



I said you are hot pepper she kissed my lips and now?
I said, now you are in my heart, life has become mine


This style of speaking with love is amazing
Can’t listen to the ears, but. heartedly understands everything


Beautiful Thing To Say To A Girl


Bow down in front of you heart
I love love To your life
life has become I love you
Love you a lot..my life


Drives Love everyone crazy
Makes Love every person crazy
Love if you are a heart patient
Teaches every heart to love.


A wish is fulfilled without prayer,
Let us talk about the love of love.
18 years The minors are silky, have a velvety face
How to love lover, is guard


The desire for love should remain so throughout the life.
There is no call except your call. Our


The matter has come to a halt on “life”.
I had left no stone unturned in loving you.
Love is not just from seeing.
Sometimes it happens by talking.


My you are the pride of the eyelids,
You are the smile of laughter faces,
The heart just beats in your heart
Then how should I not say that you are my life


Have a little love for the weather sweetheart
If you love, fill it in my your arms
Let’s go into the dream world with me,
Everyday we you kissing life. My love


Beauty makes you crazy
As if it cools in the sun
Laugh on your lips safe,
Because this laughter feeds you like a moon


Words To Say A Girl Is Beautiful


You are the secret of my laughter in life.
My name is your happiness.
I will fight for you in the past.
My You are the realization of the past


My The journey is as far as you are.
The sight is as far as you are .
Thousands of flowers are seen in this Gulshan.
Yes the scent is as far as you are.


I am happy with you
This Hayat is hidden in your breath
You cannot live without two moments
Every sound of thunder is yours


I forget every pain when you smile.
The tears that I get when I freeze them.
Do not know what is in your face
When i see it i forget my face


Join Nano with Nain, express love,
As the dew drops, let me live for you,
Your life will be beautiful in the journey of love
Hold my hand, I obey your every promise


We do not know the number of billions,
But let me give you an idea of heart.
If a drop of water makes you happy,
I Give you the whole sea as a gift


Out of sight yet involved in Fiza
The scent of your love is included in the air
We can’t come to you even if I want to
This smile is your included in nice style


My darling my love is so sweet
Every moment of my heart is a picture of him,
Appearance appears everywhere, every moment
Love is getting deeper now my love


Sweet Words To Tell A Girl I Love You


Andaz-i-pyar is your style ..
You are far away from me.
A lovely picture is in your heart ..
Below which is written ‘I love you’ ..


Whoever found happiness got money
The person who discovered laughter got chaman
But the one who went to find love
He did not get any attention


People say I am sitting PA
I am sitting drunk myself
Take the rest that is too
I have already given my heart


What do I do about wealth and fame?
The support of my loved ones is enough.
I leave my house in majuburia
Otherwise my mourning is still wet in the rain.


It doesn’t happen in everyone’s face anymore
Little darkness does not meet at night now
Some people are very dear in life
Should we do not meet them nowadays


If we had gone, we would not have felt heart with you.
What did we know you will leave us in the middle
My heart does not believe this even till today.
Like others you will make us cry so much.


What take me from the world
I only have work with you
I am not aware of your heart
My heart is just your name running it


Your love is my closeness
I do not know anything else. my life
Look at you and see my heart
I don’t have that look now love
I can’t live without you now


Sweet Words

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