Inspirational Good Friday Quotes

Inspirational Good Friday Quotes

Inspirational Good Friday Quotes | Blessed Beautiful Good Friday Wishes



Inspirational Good Friday Quotes, According to the Bible, Lord Jesus was tortured severely by the Jews on this day. He was crucified on a cross, with nails driven into his hands and feet. That day was Friday, that is why people of Christian religion consider it a special day. And remember this day as the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, go to church on Friday and pray, hence it is always kept on Friday.

This festival is considered one of the major festivals of the Christian community. According to the Bible, it is said that Lord Jesus Christ was resurrected only three days after his death, friends, on this day the sermons given by Jesus Christ to the people are read. Friends, today we have brought you a beautiful collection of messages which you will like very much.



Inspirational Good Friday Quotes


Love and respect for someone are more important in life than relationships.
It is also important to make life beautiful by praying to God.
Happy Good Friday my dear.


How can I say that my prayers became ineffective.
Whenever I cried, my Jesus became aware.
Happy Good Friday.


The moment man starts remembering God.
From that very moment God starts removing his sorrows.
Happy Good Friday.


Taught the teachings of sacrificial love.
Then he saved us all from sins.
Taught the lesson of divinity to every human being.
Lord Jesus freed us from sins.
Happy Good Friday dear.


Lord Jesus decorated the gardens of the heart with many flowers.
God created both losses and gains in life.
Let us remember that moment of his today.
Let us all together make the world beautiful.
Happy Good Friday dear.


Yes, just smile a little today.
Light the lamp of love in your heart today.
Jesus will erase all the evil from your mind.
Just accept today as Good Friday from your heart.
wish you good friday


A Messiah has come for us from the sky.
Today that auspicious festival of Good Friday has come.
To share healing with all in the entire world.
Someone has come to earth as a messenger of God.
Wishing you a very Happy Good Friday.


The stars have again decorated the sky.
Today flowers have again celebrated spring.
To shower happiness and love and peace.
That happy day has come again on earth.
Wish you a happy good friday.


Blessed Good Friday Wishes


We have bound you in the bonds of love.
This is the old thread of love relationships.
May Jesus fill the whole world with love and happiness.
Today I have asked for the gift of happiness from God.
Wish you a very happy good friday


Yes – If there is happiness then there are troubles also.
If there are benefits then there are some disadvantages also.
Yes, I agree that God gave some sorrow.
But Jesus has some blessings.
Wish you a happy good friday


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