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You are just like a delicate rose,
You are like savory, hot love’
Touching the lips and get into the body,
You are like a marble Aftab,


I could not sleep the night passed,
Every thing of your love would pass away,
Touch the silent lips and get into the heart,
This rain of your memories does not go away.


Cute love shayari in english for girlfriend


Your lips are like roses.
My Sweetheart Darling fill you in my arms
I want to suck your lips and drink his juice.
Let me drown in the tavern of your eyes.


Heart desires fall on the love,
Just take your name, life is mine,
Let me drown in the tavern of your eyes,
This gaze takes the drink of mine, your beauty


You looked and life started smiling.
Started This song of your lovely
When Body Get together from Body.
You started seeing me everywhere dear


After getting you from Ask for god
Fun to go to the borders of love
It is known today after your arrival in my life
I Love My Sweetheart Dear Life. You


How beautiful is your face like the moon
Which makes my heart feel happy
God made me for you in the leisure
Kissing your lips makes me romantic



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The color of your youth is dark
Your mood is deep my sweetheart
Kissing lips after getting out of sight
Your life is on my heart’s beat,


We cannot live without you.
Love is heart only beats you.
I have not asked anything from God.
I have met you ever since.


Open your eyes, see you face
See your own love on my love
I swear on your love
Never see someone else’s face again


I miss those beautiful moments
I love you infinitely
Become questions of love throughout my life
I look after you. my sweetheart


Best love shayari in english for girlfriend


Even knowing you become ignorant
Ask us our choice In this way, they annoy us,
You know the answer, but you still make questions
love filled You know the answer, yet questions are formed.


Allow me love today for love you,
Allow to decorate the evening of love,
Hide me in heartbeat My sweetheart,
Or allow life to be spent on you,


We When you pass through the front,
My Wishes emerges in the heart,
Seeing your lovely face, my heart silent
Silent flowers also get blossomed With your smile,


Sky is very angry with us,
The anger of the stars is also great,
They all ask and asks the complain,
Where did you bring this moon-like face? mister
Where did you get this right moon-like fodder


My heart will protect you all life
Just once you tell me, “I am precious you .
I love you with my heart. My Dear love


I see your fate in your hands;
I see whatever your face looks like…
Come and see, your name is written on the heart
If you say that I can show you my heart
I love you with my heart. My Dear love


Do not know why I started loving you deeply
Don’t know why I started dying on your behalf
This heart has become your habit or your magic is your magic


This heart wants me someone your love.
Me And you low wants to make it his.
Want to beat myself happily to love.
I Then wants to decorate her your love.





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