Mothers Day Shayari In English

Mothers Day Shayari In English | Maa Ki Mamta Shayari English


Mothers Day Shayari In English

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भगवान मेरी माँ को जीवन के हर मोड़ पर खुश करे।
मेरी मां को ऐसी खुशी मिले, कि आकाश भी मेरा जिक्र करें।


My Mother Would recognize in every silence
Mother My would know everything in her mind
God bless my mother.
No one smiles older than mother.


Mothers day shayari in english


Every heart is adulterated in relationship
Raw thread decoration it happens
I have seen my mother for years
There is no adulteration in her love


Love without price Mother is
Get a beautiful world
Your Every floor is easy
When your Mother is happy.


We Live in every bud of life.
Honor of mother in every heart.
The world changes, there is no sorrow
Have a beautiful smile on mother’s face.


Sit that relationship on the eyelids
Make mother-son relationship like this
If your mother is sad
Then you smile not’e for a, moments


Mommy hugging me
Sweet Loria songs gone
So much affection so much love
Why did I grow up forgetting all this


I don’t get it all
So much love,
Feel relieved
As much as in mother’s love.


The whole world is i not found,
As much as in mother’s love.
So much love Feel relieved


Mother Is very sweet, tender
More than mother’s love
Nothing is precious. world i
Happy mother’s day.


Maa Ki Mamta


Stop looks is like moon
go like the wind run,
She is a my mother
Which is like a shade even in the sun!
Happy mother’s day


Childhood came out in your own region,
Every beat related to you, mother
The whole world, Mother says
But for me, you are God! Mother


The ink was finished writing “mother”,
His love story was so long.


On my hot head
Mother holds a handkerchief
How strongly
Mother! Takes care of me


There is happiness of paradise in mother’s lap,
God is also longing to get
the gods, Humans are born
Then the gods get pleasure on the mother’s lap
Happy mother’s day


Everything is in my house
Wealth, wealth, wealth, diamonds, gems are all there,
But there is no happiness of two moments,
But happiness came when mother came at home.
Happy mother’s day


Whenever I come to you mother
Don’t know why my eyes gets wet
Love is so much at the feet of the mother,
I have not seen Paradise, but have seen mother.
Happy mother’s day…


The world has done so much oppression on me,
That my spirit has also been wounded
I got relieved as soon as my mother came,
Mother laid her hand on my head, I got rest,
Happy mother’s day.


Shayari on mother in english


Me Umr Bhar Bhi Teri Mohabbat Ka Karz Na chuka Paunga Maa
Shukar Hai Us Khuda Ka Jo Maa Ke Rop Me Aakar Meri Hifazat Ki


में उम्र भर भी तेरी मोहब्बत का क़र्ज़ न चूका पाउँगा माँ
शुक्र है उस खुदा का जो माँ के रूप में आकर मेरी हिफाज़त की


I will not be able to repay the debt of your love even for a lifetime
Thankfully the God who came as mother and protected me


Zindagi Ke Har Mod Par Rab Meri Ma Ko Khush Rakhe
Itni Khushi Mile Mujhse Meri Maa Ko Ki Ashma Bhi Mera Jikr Kare


ज़िन्दगी के हर मोड़ पर रब मेरी माँ को खुश रखे
इतनी ख़ुशी मिले मुझसे मेरी माँ को की अश्मा भी मेरा जिक्र करे


May God please my mother at every turn of life.
Get such happiness to my mother, that the sky should also refer to me.


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