Shayari On Eyes In English | Lips Shayari In English

Shayari On Eyes In English | Lips Shayari In English




Hello dear friends, today we have brought for you (Shayari of the eyes on the lips in English, ). Some compliments, some beautiful rose petal lips and amazing romantic love quotes, a beautiful message of beautiful eyes with the beauty of the eyes and the beauty of the lips. Through Dilwalo’s secret, friends, every loved one loves his lover’s lips and beautiful eyes, this can be done Love, real love is in the eye of love, all the secrets of the heart make eyes, today we have: –

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Dear friends, we hope you post our lip shayari in English I like, so that friends will share, wish your lover, have a good and happy time. ….



Last night I suddenly kissed your photo.
By morning, my lips carried blood,


Put your beautiful lips on the screen.
Love is our gaze, kisses the your eyes.


Your silky hair and pink lips,
My heart is very confused,


Put your lips on my lips like this,
Or quench your thirst or quench my heart Distance heart,
My love is with you only.


Red lips shayari in english


Kiss your lip kissing me sweetheart today, I
today, May you be in my heart always
Go today, clear the distance of my heart,
Today I should be separate from the world,


Drinking with lbo, of his love
Express to us, and he
It is said that habit of addiction is not good,


If you have a plan to kill, kill me
Put poison on your lips and come into my arms
Better to die like that, me


Your lips with that rose petal,
And that movement is your walk,
Now, if we do not fall in love, we with what is should do it,


love Words do not matter in agreement,
There is no sound of heart emotion,
The eyes tell the story of the heart
Love is not an affront to words.


Love blooms in your beautiful eyes and lips
There is a fragrance everywhere you look.


Your gaze goes from the heart to the liver,
Love agrees to we both in one act,


Your eyes are deeper than the sea,
Your eyes are full of beauty
Hide the eyes, love my heart
Your eyes are full of joy,
Don’t take our lives out of sight


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One thing comes to mind when looking at your lips
No matter how much that person is, will be lucky.
Who will drink the drink of love from your lips


How can we say this to you,
We can not live without you now.
The beauty of your eyes and rose lips
Now we cannot live without your thoughts,


We never deny love
But this heart has love been so empty.
Just their dreams remain in the eyes but
Just we never express love with lips.


This is the destiny of lovers,
Darad-e-dil hai, darad-e-jigar hai.
Heart is Closed,only lips keep humming,
Silent eyes also have a profound effect.


I make your lips wet with my lips
I make your lips even more juicy


What do the eyes know the secret of real life,
Seeing how deep your heart is without seeing your heart


Put your thirst on my lips and think again?
My Love Is Beautiful Even after that,
it is important to achieve something in the world.


Shayari On Lips And Eyes In Hindi | Lips Shayari Hindi


You call me sometimes from the heart, sometimes from the eyes,
You Heart love These are to last lip for love.


God is angry with you when I meet you,
Says that you don’t ask for anything now.
Today is all strange without you.
We live, and do not live.


Tales of my evening are cast on your attitude.
You are the supplication of love sought with silence.
I have called you in every dream
Why don’t we remember you


Just keep being the reason for my smile.
Not right in life But to remain my life.
I want to get lost in the depths of your eyes
Just you be my heartbeat.


Of course, you will have a lot of fans, we have assumed this.
If someone your love then you what will say it.
If someone loves your hate then what will you tell him.


Tell me what is wrong to tell, life
Let us agree on my love
Will keep you making your life your life
Just let love be expressed. my life


I want to get lost in the depths of your eyes,
Today I want to sleep with you in my arms,
Today night light love in the hand
I want to tell you .. my love




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