Best Shayari For Son In English

Best Shayari For Son In English | I Love My Son Quotes For Facebook

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Hello dear friends, if you are looking for father and son and mother status, quotes love, love quotes for Hindi quotes, father-son motivational status, now your search is complete, yes dear friends have brought  for you today, father And Son’s Priceless Thoughts,

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My courage, my honor,
My honor is the father,


Who wants my children to?
Be more “successful” than me!…
The only “father”
In the world is such a person,


I Love My Son Quotes For Facebook


In a meaningless world,
One is our pride friend is the father
The father is the first identity
Of every person’s existence.


I am an innocent child, My Father
Sorry, all our mistakes
Which, we used to hurt you,
Ever in childhood


Father is like a Neem tree
Even if its leaves are bitter,
But his shadow always cool,


Someone asked: which is the place where every mistake,
Every crime and every crime are forgiven?
The survivor smiled and said, “My father’s heart!”


I am known by your name “Papa”.
Good fame better than this, what will happen to me


My courage, my honor,
My honor is the father,
Only you have settled in my heart
How can we live without you?


If you are adorned with a heart, then worship will be made,
Parents’ service will become a security
Will open when your crime account,
So the mother’s service will become a bail


Where happiness is found, All worlds
When in Papa’s lap, you get the sleep it


Dad, you were always good
I could not understand you


A few coins, you get loyalty
If you kiss the father’s hand, you get blessings
Look at them with the eyes of love
Paradise is found in their smile


Best Shayari for son in English


Do not leave your doll alone, my father
Stay for a few more days, my father
Don’t go suddenly like this
I Miss You My sweet superman great Father


Have given birth if mother,
Mother teaches me to walk.
Will know that the world is the father.
Father teaches to stand on the feet.


Laughter Sometimes and sometimes discipline is the father…
Sometimes the earth, sometimes the sky father is


When the mother leaves, the world is lost,
Then there is no blessing in this world,
When father leaves then no one
god only help The giver is no more


Oh God! I just have so much prayer,
Just as my parents always kept me happy,
I will always keep them happy in their old age
O my god hear such a my Plaint plea


God’s Most Precious Gift
For Me My Mother And My Dad


Do something life moments that your parents say in their prayer god is
Lord, give us such children in every birth, I miss love my children


Every man can be a father,
but to be a father something special is needed!”
Lord, give us such children in every birth that,
From whom Spread a new light in the world,


Maa beta quotes in English


Every day You get thousands of people to meet,
But your forgive thousands of mistakes,
They are only our parents,


Nobody cares for me more than mother,
My forgive thousands of mistakes,
She is my mother’s love,
I love you to, My Sweet Mother,


“There is no hug in this world everyone meaning!”
In this world, everyone embraces, what they mean
Only parents without mean hug in this world!


“Heard first love is not forgotten,
Then why do people forget the love of their parents!


I am indebted to my parents for living my good life,
And I am indebted to my teacher for living well,


“There is no in the world than my mother father !!”
“Nobody in the world is greater than my father !!”
“I love you Papa ji.


“I don’t know of any other lord god,
Because we can follow
the mother’s footsteps Says Heaven.
I love you mother, there is no love in this world without you”


“I once asked God to heaven,
So God took me off my lap
And Put to sleep in mother’s took,


The life of the parents passes,
in making the life of their son,


We learned this by following all the relationships of the world
No one except our parents,


Without mother, everything in the world is blank,
the world’s most beautiful music is mother’s lullaby!
I Love My Mother,

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