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Love Message To My Son



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Hello dear friends, if you are looking for status love quotes _ of love of father and son, now your search is complete, yes dear friends have brought for you today, (love message) my son | Motivational message for my son. In English)  Beautiful status, download message, wish to send in English language, share in whatsapp, facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest u.



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My father is my identity.
What Need nothing now I to you.
The world worships God
But for me you are my god.


The floor is far and the journey is many,
There is a lot of worry about short life.
Yes this world would kill us,
But Papa’s love has a lot of effect.


Love Message To My Son


All World learns to walk,
holding her father’s finger
My dear father is he,
whom I learned to live by seeing. is


Life without father is deserted,
On a lonely journey,
every road is deserted,
It is important to have father in life,
Every path is easier with the father.


Father’s blessing,
child the Happiness life makes
But the children forget,
To his loving father…


The father only taught,
Overshadowed by every difficulty
Living life, what happens
When I came into the world,


Father is like earth and sky
Pity for life God, created this picture
Safeguarding children in
every happiness and sorrow
We call the living statue of that God “Father”


If I forget somewhere,
So show me the way again,
I will not find you better than me
Give me hug I just need you….


My world my destination is you
I need you every step of the way
Nobody wants better than you
My identity has been made by you only .. !!


used to say get everything from father
Father’s blessings will make life
Stay happy my father all my life
That’s all i want, god


Inspiring Message For My Son


Father’s name is love Sacrifice,
Dad is his lovely name.
Hundreds of salute to my father,
Stay happy my father all my life


Due to father
Childhood is with happiness,
Every path seems easy
When my hand is in the father’s hand.


My father is that precious relationship
Whose anger is love,
And their scolding is familiar.
I love you daddy …

Never searched but, found my sweet father
Happy my father all my life, god always happy
I have a request from my God, love recommendation,
All time I love you my dear daddy.
People have great luck,
Whose father is on his head,
The stubbornness is fulfilled, if all is with the father.
I love my father
My fame is because of my father.
This life is just their bond,
I love my father
Someone asked us what place is that once
Where every mistake, every crime and every crime is forgiven?
I smiled and said, my father’s heart
father i every mistake Sorry all here,
love you to, my dear father
In my heart, just my father’s name,
To my small joy, My father would everything
I love you my dear daddy…

love you message to my son

Every moment of happiness in my life
Then I only have,
When my dear father is with me.
Then my life goes on and on,
I love you my dear daddy …
A better father did not tell how to live,
You are my best friend dad
Good father looks like that,
I love my father
The only “father” in the world
He is such a person,
Who wants my children to always
Be more “successful” than me!
And be more hardworking honest than me,
I love my father
The richest person in the world is also poor without parents
I have seen such an god as my father,
A better father did not tell how to live,
Father taught hard work to live diligently
Yes Good father looks like that,
He is our pride in this world,
Father put me in the shade,
And he himself kept burning in the sun,
The father is the first identity of a person’s existence.
Father put me in the shade,
And he himself kept burning in the sun,
Another form of God is father,
Daughter’s biggest wish
When his father smiled,
Today In prayer I asked you for God,
My son Your one smile, makes my heart relaxed,
A lot of love to you, my little son prince,
There is no greater love than mother’s love
We are very lucky parents,
That we have got a lovely son like you,
Happy birthday my son,

inspiring quote for my son

May the rays of the sun, give you sharp knowledge,
Let the blooming, flowers give you fresh fragrance,
What we give, will also be less my son
May God give you all the happiness of life,
Happy birthday dear son
Loved moonlight by moon,
Yes Sweet night than moonlight,
Sweet life from the night, my son
My Son, And love you more than life
Happy birthday my son,




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