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Hello my dear friends, if you are looking for messages on cute daughters, shayari in English, then my friends beloved now that search has been completed, today we have brought it for you: – ( beti status in english, beti quotes in english, beti shayari in english, beti ke liye status in english, ladli beti shayari in english, )

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2 line shayari for daughter



Every _ house- household has daughters
Two clans are respected daughters
Do not keep them deprived of education
This God is the identity of daughters


Would have lovingly taught his daughter angel
A father must have fed a little angel daughter
At that time it must have been shattered
When father must have performed wedding duty.


Daughters are precious lives of a father
Daughters are proud of a father
All the happiness of the world aside
Daughters have a smile of nature god


Daughter knew about her father’s suffering
Daughter recognizes father’s heart condition
God must have made it through his chest
Daughters hide their desires in heart


Every father and daughter have a heartfelt relationship
The god is great who built this relationship is


Daughters are no less than a son.
The daughter is far away from deceit.
Daughters Talks silently to every pain.
How wise are daughters of a father?


My Father I am unable to understand how to praise you
I do not have the words that I can tell about your worth


My Father Who hide all their sorrows to keep us happy
They themselves are keep food, hungry before they feed us
Right Because the shadow of God on earth is called parents


Beti Quotes In English


My Father He is our pride in a meaningless world,
daughters is the first identity of a person’s Father
The My god is great making this relationship is


The most loving daughters in the world,
Fighter all over the world for his little smile,
My father in this world, My god is known as the,


I have seen my father worrying about me in my marriage.
Giving me all the happiness of my life, I have seen him swallowing Grief,


My son, the day you really will be older than me.
But son, not on my shoulder, when you stand on the ground.


While living in her home, the daughter lives like a family.
have to fly one day daughters. they are like birds,


I feel as if the whole market fair is over now.
My daughters birds flew from the courtyard and now the house became lonely.


When there are no daughters at home
There won’t be blossoming stories
O writer, if you do not write daughters
Who writes your happiness in life again


This day also comes in the life of parents
Father Daughter’s love long goes away one day


Daughters are the blooming buds of a father.
Daughters are beautiful fairies of parents.


It is not necessary to light the lamp
These daughters are not less than the light of any lamp


Beti Shayari In English


Daughter is a gift of god nature,
Give him the right to live.
Piece of heart is daughters
Beautiful daughter is home life is long


At that time, the father’s face brightens.
When the daughter comes from her father-in-law’s house.


Sweet life is love daughters
When does she stop where she thrives
Music plays every moment in the house
Raunq is with daughters only in the house
She lights up homes with presence


Daughters cry secretly on one of the parents’ sighs,
Yet today, daughters lose their lives in the womb.
Teach daughters this is their right to save daughters


To fulfill a holy love besides mother
Daughters are born on the natural earth
God has made beautiful daughters on earth


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