Deep Love Messages For Girlfriend

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Deep Love Messages For Girlfriend



Deep Love Messages For Girlfriend

Hello my dear friends, today we have brought beautiful text messages for your girlfriend, (deep love messages for girlfriend, Long Sweet Message, long sweet message for girlfriend, relationship love messages, true love messages,) if you like then share and send them.



Yes want to live with you, I want to laugh
Yes want to play with you, I want to sing
I want to spend every loving moment with you
I want only you and your support in every birth


To learn the art of you making eye contact
I want to learn the art of loving you,
Will you be my love guru, every secret is you,
crossing the limit of love
want to make you mine today


I’m afraid to lose you every moment
because i love so much
I don’t know how much love is with you
Yes I die on your love in my life


Deep Love Messages For Girlfriend


Tales of my evening is based on you.
Zindagi ho you are my music, my mind is musical.
The benefits of love hidden in my heart are yours.
You are the sound of my throbbing heartbeat.


The sun has turned medium in the sky
Moonlight of the rays of love
Let us be your book of love
Have A Nice Day


I love your simplicity
i like your jokes
my love in every moment of life
we like you


You came as a joy in the silent moments of life
How much do you care about my love
You believe, my faith is my life.
I love you my dear
My love only your my life…


is silent eyes her mischievous smile
her lips are like rose petals
What I have seen now does not feel like a heart
her breath smells like sandalwood


I have only one wish from my Lord.
We want to make you my life partner
We want to long love you infinitely.
I have asked God for you only, now we will never be separated
Yes, I will love you all my life.


Every poet needs a poem.
Every heart needs a love.
Life and the world are incomplete without love.
Yes i ask you for love my life


You have entered me like this in my life!
The heart beats when there is love, as in the heartbeat!
Now I will not be able to stay away from you, my dear,
Only I know how my life goes on without you!


I love you so much, I love you so much.
You are everything, every dream of my life.
I need your love every moment.
Life is incomplete without love my life


You are the only reason of our smile!
The meaning of living this life is only you!
Never leave our love, we will die.
I love you very much, you are my life


Long Sweet Message


Ever since I fell in love with you
You have descended into my breath my life.
Now I cannot live without you even for a moment.
Never leave my side darling.
everything about you is so cute


How can I answer this gesture of yours.
what gift should i give to my sweet love.
That day even God must have hummed a beautiful song.
The day God would have created you with his own hands.


We love this special day more than every day.
I don’t want to spend a single moment of this day without you
Today is a very special day for us. One prayer we ask from our God, I
sincerely wish for your happiness, i love my life partner.


Today we promise to support you always.
You and I will be together and will never be apart.
We will support you for life, this is our promise to you.
We will love you like the moon stars


Always stay away from the shadow of sorrow.
We pray from the loneliness of our heart.
May all your dreams come true.
I love you very much. My life



Long Sweet Love Message

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