Fathers Day Shayari In English

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Fathers Day Shayari In English | प्रेरणादायक पिता दिवस संदेश अंग्रेजी में



Fathers Day Shayari In English,  Hello dear readers, today we have brought you inspirational messages on Father’s Day. Express your affection to your father by sending this beautiful message to your dear father, how much you love him. Let them know that you are an important part of their life. To a good father, his children are precious. So guys we hope so. You will definitely like the beautiful messages on Father’s Day written by us. Copy and send them and share them. thank you for giving your valuable time



Father is the happiness of life and my fortune.
My father is nature, he is a good rival.
Had there been no father, the world would have swallowed thinking it as a morsel.
My father is the closest among the crowd of the world.
Happy Father’s Day


My Lord is my Lord, Father is a beautiful word.
Father is mother, God is my good fortune.
To know the world from the father, to live life
Father is the joy of life and my destiny.
Happy father’s day


Father is the only beautiful picture of me in the world
Because of my father, I have a strange charm.
Haven’t seen God, mother and father are my God.
My dear father is a best friend of mine.
Happy Father’s Day to my dear father.


Who hides all his sorrows to keep us happy.
He is none other than mother and father.
Happy Father’s Day to dear father.


Fathers Day Shayari In English


I have a request from nature.
I have a small recommendation.
God keep father happy every moment
Life has only this much desire.
Happy fathers day


Who hides all his sorrows to keep his children happy.
He is none other than God in the form of mother and father.


I don’t understand how to praise you father
My beautiful companion in every walk of life is my father.
I have no words that can describe your personality
Father is the master of the fate of the lines on my hands.
Happy Father’s Day to dear lovlye father.


All the happiness of the world fades away.
The child who does not get the love of the father.
I love my dear father very much.



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