Love Status In English For Girlfriend

Love Status In English For Girlfriend



Hello Dear Friends, today is (Your Salty Sweet Eyes, love status in English for girlfriend, love u SMS for girlfriend in English, love status in English for girlfriend fb, love sms for girlfriend in english 140,) _ True love that happens often he only at first sight first love from both sides is considered very important. when first glance meets your front partner.

partner He gets very desperate after seeing her beauty and looks towards that God and says what is it that you want to say. and the beauty of the beautiful beauty is different. In which we humans and Gods and the ascetic sage are their monks. god from he it light is runnigh



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Love Status In English For Girlfriend



I will not be able to keep you away “
Yes I not live without you ”
All your happiness is my love ‘
You keep on laughing like this ”


don’t want anything else, I have Solicit God
I am in your need – You are my need
You always be in my arms – keep smiling ”
Even after wishing I will not be able to away from you.

Love Status In English For Girlfriend


I am crazy about Your love ‘
Your beautiful body made me crazy ”
Are you going through the habit of love ‘
Which drink is drunk from your lips “
You are make me drunk now “


Became a mirror. Me too. Seeing the mirror “
Stopped for a moment. i. Seeing at a glance. ”
God created you. True is in the leisure.
I forgot myself seeing your picture “


With you In love. Will go to great lengths “
Me Love your for lifetime
let me love you for lifetime “
That’s what i wish ”

I will leave my life with you, I promise you
Just a little complaint will be To change with love “
God bless me forever
only you love


Do not look at anyone Just look at me “
Just keep on watching me, I will forget the news of the world ”
It is just yours, Right on me
Love me in love. Day and night “

Let these Eyes Love drown me drowning – let it be said now
The whole crowd became silent – let me get lost too ‘
These are colorful Eyes, Your Beautiful lips
I love – I love You –
Just want you  “


I should fill you with my arms
Heart wants to see you wholeheartedly Just


keep looking and be lost in your breath ,
Closer to me Keep looking your
I get lost in these intoxicating eyes “
My salute to the free time
You are in my arms.

Take me away, make me yours
Come, to force me in my arms “

I am you were before you were now, this was bo where was
When there is one heart,
there will be only one who lives in the heart.
You are he.


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Yes, do it, but I am afraid.
Excuse me, but you only think –
I feel like. I just love you.
Only You love you to.


I am happy, today I got accepted by God.
Pray accepted in reality not in Love today
you love To my love.
will you marry me
Don’t forget me with these crazy things.
It is a reality that I do love.  “
Only from you. Don’t forget me.
I will die.

Never mind forgetting you
I will not be able to live without you.
Yes I love you with my heart
I have asked you in prayer in God.


Hold me in Your Arms
My heart wants you.
Wish this moment stopped today.
you a little Would love. I wish

What do we know about love
It is love to go when you found me.
If you realize then love me
Believe eyes, make me believe ”
I love you I am yours


You are my soul mate Love nobody but you
7 Birth you become mine, That’s all i need from god
we is just yours, Right on me you
Love me in love. Day and night ” my love


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My secret is my happiness, you are
You are this breath hidden in my breath
We cannot live without you even for two moments,
Yes You are every sound of throbbing.


Heart want moisture in my eyes
I want to laugh on your lips my love
You are throbbing in this heart
Breathe in a breath to you, you live life
we You are every sound of throbbing.
I have to fight every difficulty in my life
Just want one of your sweet things,
And that’s “your sweet smile”
love you to, my dear sweetheart

Yes I love you forever
And I want you whole heartedly.
us Always be in my arm, as my heartbeat.
Will lose you as your fragrance my mind
I love you my dear sweetheart





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