Krishna Janmashtami Status In English

Krishna Janmashtami Status In English | Gokulashtami Wishes



Friends, are you looking for Krishna Janmashtami Status In English with images? Yes, you have come to the website exactly. In this article, we have brought you some such Krishna quotes, Krishna Janmashtami wishes, Krishna Janmashtami shayari English, Krishna Janmashtami status Krishna Janmashtami greetings, with the help of which you can wish Krishna Janmashtami to your family and friends.


If I do my own thing, I used to wait for Krishna Janmashtami festival in my childhood from months ago. When father received money for different kinds of toys and sweets, it was as if the heart would be happy. On the birthday day of lord Sri Krishna, we used to enjoy this festival with our friends and celebrate Matki festival and along with it, we all shared greeting cards among which we would write lions and poets of our choice.  But


Nowadays, many people send the greetings of the festival to their peers and family members using internet status. This not only saves their time, but it is also economical. You too must have given the status of greetings to your friends through status, quotes.
Wish Krishna Janmashtami.



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I Love You Mr Lord Krishna…
Gods have sent a drink of nectar
Taro has sent you greetings’
Happy Birthday Krishna
The Devotees Have Sent The Message From The Heart “

Wearing A Garland Of Flowers To You Krishna
Offer Krishna With My Own Hands’
Today Is Your Birthday Krishna
I Love You Krishna


Krishna Janmashtami Status In English


One Who Loves You In This World – Krishna
You Are The Only Love One Who Keeps Us All.


The Party Has Just Begun
My krishna Vrindavan Dham ‘
Today All Three Folk Will Dance
In The Birth Place Of Krishna “


A Special Birthday, You All Have Heart ‘
Today The Dreams Of Devotees Are Fulfilled
We All Have This prayer “


These Days Come Again And Again, Krishna
Repeatedly Sing This, Krishna ‘
Happy Birthday Your …
Celebrate Krishna Every Time ” We You


Janmashtami images with quotes


Birthday On Holy Night
What should i talk what should i gift
Muralidhar Just Got To
Today, Life Should Your Name Krishna “


Today Krishna Gopal My god friend
Nand Ghar Anand Bhayo Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki
Elephant Horse Sedan Jai Kanhaiya Lal “

Earth Amber Moon Stars
Everything That ‘ Krishna.
Take Steps Where Krishna Is Our
It Is Rain Of Flowers.
So Is Beautiful. my krishna
Yes The Heart That Hates. There Does Not Live
A 1 Second My Mr Lord Krishna ‘
Who Is year holi krishna Love.
There Does Live My Mr Lord Krishna’
Night Spoke To Moonlight
Sun Spoke With Light
The Wind Spoke To The Clouds
Today We Speak To You Krishna ..
I Love You Krishna … I Love You Krishna.
What Gift Should I Give You On Krishna Your Birthday.
The Whole World Demands You.
I Should Give My Everything At The Feet Of Krishna
All This Is Yours.
O God, you do what you want.
Your kindness is what I want.
You do what I want.
Then it will be what you want.
Hail lord krishna
Should I write Radha’s penance or Mira’s pir.
Should I write a ritual of love or a love of my own?
Write the language of pain or the definition of yearning.
Should I look forward to meeting you or write to myself.
Write the knowledge of the Gita or the values of the Pandavas.
There is a lot to write but what should I write.
Hail lord krishna…..

krishna janmashtami wishes in english

My heart is crazy about Rudra shankar.
She Is chanted Ranchod krishna,
Maybe this is ours krishna love,
They have to come to their heart.
Yes She says Radha Krishna is one,
I say Rudra shiv is many.
She says Krishna is kept in the heart,
Say Rudra shiv shankar is my friend.
He wants to be mine
I want to have that too,
Hail lord krishna


In Krishna Janmashtami festival, all the devotees are in abundance,
All your worlds are filled with thousands of happiness,
This is the blessing from our above Krishna every time,
My best wishes to Krishna Janmashtami.

The color of these flowers, always with you,
Everyone remain stunned, you stay with Krishna,
There is great enthusiasm in the mind, with this message.
Congratulations to you, Krishna Janmashtami.
Krishna, Krishna thinking, thinking,
We are lost in Krishna Krishna.
Yes Krishna, Krishna would say, say,
We become Krishna of Krishna.
He doing, Krishna, Krishna
We settle in Krishna Krishna.


Krishna, Krishna reading, studying,
We find Krishna, Krishna.
Krishna, Krishna touches, touches,
We enter Krishna into Krishna.
Congratulations to you, Krishna Janmashtami



Gokulashtami Quotes English

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