Sweet Words To Say To A Girl U Love

Sweet Words To Say To A Girl U Love, sweet words to tell a girl u love her, cute quotes to tell a girl, beautiful words to impress a girl,

Sweet Words To Say To A Girl U Love | Sweet Words To Tell A Girl U Love Her




Hello friends, if you are searching for a love message on google to impress your lover, then your search is complete, we have brought you today ( sweet words to say to a girl u love, sweet words to tell a girl u love her, cute quotes to tell a girl you love her, sweet love words to gf, )
So friends wish our lover love poetry to your lover partner, have a good and happy time.



Sweet Words To Say To A Girl U Love



The sitting hall-e-Dil-Mind opened
I opened up in front of heart him today.


You don’t know what kind of stone this heart is,
Why do you never fall in love with us?
I think about you every second.
Take care of this life as well as me.


Now you are not my lover
What can I say now about my heart
Should I stay now silent or cry
How can I tell my mind


Those close to the heart have since become enemies
Our discussions in the past, we became famous


It is heard that the sea is very proud today.
Take the kayak there, where the storm has come.


Change with the times.
Or learn to change the time.
Don’t force the compulsions.
In any case, learn to walk.


I Had to write that
We are happy here without you,
But fucking …
Your Tears are from the pen
Already walked. That pen


Should I burn my heart,
or burn his house,
It comes to my heart,
I will burn all that is left, My life too love,


A search was mine and he was wandering,
My heart was mine and he was beating.
The way of love is also very strange.
Tears were mine and he was Sobbing.


Cute quotes to tell a girl


Heart is lost in your memories us,
The heart just wants you now my life
The fire of love has started in this,
I want to kiss you my love


Someone has said in my heart.
He has taken care of my thoughts.
Heart every moment in his your love.
I have been waiting for him since birth.


Your When the eyes want someone,
The heart gets upset after seeing it,
How can someone forget their love
When someone knows someone’s habit


I wish this evening never wilted,
I wish this evening did not stop falling in love,
Let’s have all the wishes of the heart today,
And there is no heart left, Apart from your love


You have a habit of running without talk,
Someone wants to get along with you,
You be happy what is mine I will live
I am a mirror, we have a habit of breaking.


He hugged me softly in the temple, and said to me,
my love This is ritual-e-Anjuman, do not mislead desire.


Tell it to whomever you want,
How much love do you give him
Things of the heart may not reach him,
To express and love his heart.


Do not want so much, we are scared of desires.
Don’t come so close to us, we are scared of separation.
Believe in your loyalty, we die on you.
But I am scared of my luck.


Before all my wishes, one wish will be yours.
Don’t know who she wants, but you will.
Now I am left wanting in life
Do not know when this wish will be fulfilled. My life


You have become a desire or you have become a habit love
In every breath you come as if you have become my worship.


Sweet words


Yes Do not break away from our mistakes,
Do not get upset with your mischief
Your wish is our life my love
Forget not me the bond with his beloved my love


Someone talks about love
So someone wants to my love
We are both sitting together trying..
Did lovely want to want… Want to be loved.


For your sake we have forgotten the whole world
You have forgotten only your true lover of the world.
Did not say anything, left my hand silently
Hastily you made me cry. my love – my life


Also wanted to meet me yes you
There was also a fear of the times. me love
Complaint was with the world long life
There was also a fear of losing you. yes me




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