Birthday Wishes For Big Sister

Birthday Wishes For Big Sister

Birthday Wishes For Big Sister In English



Birthday Wishes For Big Sister ,  My dear sister, I wish you a very happy birthday, today on your special day, I wish you a happy life from the bottom of my heart. You keep fighting with me like this, playing pranks and smiling, the only beautiful relationship in the world is yours and mine. It is full of brother-sister friendship, sister who understands the depth of relationships. She is dearer than the moon, moonlight and I am dearer than moonlight, my dear sister. I tell God that you were born to spread more light in this beautiful world.

Big Sister Birthday Wishes, May God fulfill all your wishes. Flow. Oh sister, I have received so much love from you. Just keep showering love on us like a mother. – She is the one sister with whom you are not afraid to tease or fight just to have fun. Always take care of your sisters. Always respect them. We would be happy to tell you about your brother-sister’s fun-filled life and fun-filled love. On which we can write more poems to deliver to you. Share our messages and create a happy environment for your sister at home and in your heart. Have a nice time. thank you,



My sister is the best and dearest sister in the world.
We have spent every moment of our childhood together.
But even today she takes care of us like a mother.
We have sent that Lovely Hitler a birthday gift.


We have troubled my dear sister every moment.
Called my sister sometimes a bitch and sometimes a lady frog.
Today, after thinking about it, we cried a little for a moment.
We have tortured my dear sister a lot and teased her a lot.


Big Sister Birthday Wishes In English


My heart says to kiss his feet
I apologize for all the foolishness of childhood.
Having an elder sister is very important in life.
Today we have felt that loss.


My heart told me to sleep with my head in her lap.
Her desires and eyes are exactly like her mother’s.
We haven’t bothered with big ideas yet
It’s my dear sister’s birthday. Today we have sent a gift.


May you always be happy and always keep smiling, sister.
Sister, your smile feels like the touch of flowers.
It seems like the light in the sky blooms with your smile.
It looks cute when you get angry with your eyes and smile.


This is a beautiful gift given to us by nature.
It is true that after millions of wishes one gets a loving sister.
By the grace of God, such love showers from heaven.
Sister, your smile feels like the touch of flowers.


Brother-sister friendship is the best friendship in the world.
Happy are those brothers who have loving sisters.


He is unique from the world.
She has a very naughty tantrum.
She keeps fighting and quarreling every moment,
I am worried, she loves me very much.
Happy Birthday to you, dear sister!


The sky has sent you bouquets.
Someone has sent blessings and someone has sent happiness.
May God keep my sister happy every moment.
We have sent our heartfelt prayers to our dear sister.


Naughty memories of childhood, my mistakes – and my sister got scolded.
All the devilish things were mine, and my sister was beaten with mother’s stick. Thinking about those mistakes, I felt that we have lost something.
Today we have sent a birthday gift to that crazy Lovely Hitler lady.


Big Sister Birthday Wishes


I wish you a world of happiness.
Whenever you are born a Hindu, you get Hindustan.
We are a brother-sister pair for every birth.
May both of us get similar blessings from Shri Krishna.
happy birthday dear sister


May the gathering of happiness continue.
The sweetness of the cuckoo may just keep increasing.
Yes’ may you find a very lovely one prince.
May happiness always shower upon my sister.


She is a little stubborn and a little crazy.
Yes’ She is a little innocent and a little devilish.
Eyes like mother’s, love like her mother’s.
She and her smile look very cute.
Happy birthday to my dear sister.


The most beautiful relationship is between you and me.
Who is guarded by happiness every moment.
May no one ever cast an evil eye on our relationship.
The color of love between us brothers and sisters is very deep.
Happy birthday to you my big sister.



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