Emotional Father Daughter Quotes

Emotional Father Daughter Quotes

Emotional Father-Daughter Quotes in English | Beautiful Shayari



Emotional Father-Daughter- Quotes in English,)   A whole family can be created only when a daughter is born in your house, we have not made this custom, this beautiful custom have been going on for centuries. Now we also have the responsibility, we should also fulfill it, give birth to daughters and give them beautiful education and give them a chance to show something, we should never forget this,

we have also taken someone’s daughter. As a mother as a wife, then dear friend is for you today, (Emotional Father-Daughter- Quotes,) We hope you will like these quotes. Please tell us in your passion comment box, we can reach our next post directly to you. For this, do free Subscribe. Show and send to you family member’ or friends



God has sent you to love everyone, love them.
Everyone is equal – don’t quarrel among yourselves.
There is always happiness in every home due to presence of daughters.
Be it mother, daughter or sister, respect everyone.


Don’t complain to these daughters every moment.
Nature has sent relationships to the world created from the heart.
Don’t deprive God by making your daughters cry.
Love in whatever form you get.
If you meet as a mother or sister – love everyone.


These daughters are nature’s most lovely signs.
Rani, the most beloved father’s daughter in the world.


Where are the daughter’s wishes fulfilled?
But where does this father’s darling cry?


When the daughter’s hand is in the father’s hand.
Unlimited love is not a father but God.
Don’t hurt your father’s heart by loving someone.
God weeps over the pain of a true father.
God, not the father, cries when he gives pain.


Sometimes she makes me laugh and sometimes she makes me cry.
She explains by saying I am fine at home.
You were like a tenant in the house.
Why do we miss these lovely daughters so much?


Emotional Father Daughter Quotes


From a mommy’s princess and daddy’s darling
Laughingly asked who loves you the most?
She just said this in a faltering Toli language – My father.
That’s it and my heart is filled with peace


These daughters accept the sorrow of their parents as their own.
Every task she sets out to do is successful.
May God fill every daughter’s destiny with happiness.
Don’t know how these daughters know the secrets of the heart.


The beloved daughter came in the form of Goddess Lakshmi.
Whoever has a daughter brings happiness to his house.


My dear father loves me a lot.lord krishna
I am their daughter Rani, she is my world.


Father taught me to be careful by holding my finger.
Taught how to live and fight in the world.
This cruel world would have killed us long ago.
Father taught us to move with time.


The relationship between a daughter and a father is priceless.
When there is a lot of happiness in life.
When there is happiness in life.


Daughter is father’s every celebration and festival.
I love my little darling daughter very much.



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