Ladki Ki Tareef Ke Liye Words In English

Ladki Ki Tareef Ke Liye Words In English

Ladki Ki Tareef Ke Liye Words In English




Ladki Ki Tareef Ke Liye Words, The main thing, friends, whenever you praise your partner, do a little flirting in between, which will fill romance in your life. This makes the partner more happy. Call her a goddess or a girl, say something that shows you are giving her love, like “You are as smart as you are beautiful. I wanted a partner like you, so after finding you, that lack has been fulfilled.” Like- Partner Holding their hands while praising them, or winking at your partner, doing this in a way makes your partner confident towards you.

By the way, you should also pay attention to the different outfits of your partner. Whenever your girlfriend wears any new clothes, tell her that she is looking better and very beautiful in those clothes than yesterday. You are really very lovely, every type of clothes looks very beautiful on you. Really. You are amazing by heart.



  • Your voice is very melodious and very sweet.
  • Your smile and you are very cute.
  • You are very sweet, you are very good at heart.
  • My mind automatically becomes happy after seeing you. You look very nice.
  • You and your smile are very cute.
  • I like you very much, I trust you very much.
  • You are really very smart and cute.
  • My life will be filled with happiness after finding you. You are practical and very intelligent.
  • If you ask, we will give you a place in our hearts, you are very special to me.
  • This heart of mine needs your love.
  • I swear there is magic in your smile and your eyes.


Ladki Ki Tareef Ke Liye Words In English


  1. You look great today. Your eyes are breathtaking.
  2. Hii my life How is it that you always look so great,
    even if you’re in normal dress?
  3. This color suits you perfectly.
    The fragrance emanating from you is really very nice.
  4. I am mesmerized by your beauty and your lovely smile.
  5. I love your style, you are the first person that comes to my mind every morning.
  6. You always talk lovingly and that’s what I like about you.


Yes, your hair color is really amazing.

Your lips are very full and lovely like roses.

I know you have the most beautiful eyes. you are amazing

The complexion of your cheeks is like the best delicate flower.

Your eyelashes are the cutest.

You find him attractive. You are absolutely wonderful. or “You are very attractive

Your skin is the most beautiful. you look so amazing



What do you say when you have to ask for someone’s photo?


You can tell him that you find him attractive. You are absolutely amazing. Can I take a photo of you? if you don’t misunderstand me

Suppose you want to ask your girlfriend or any girl for her photo, then in that situation it is very important for you to be respectful and polite. You can say it in a very nice manner, with a smile and in a loving manner. I have never seen a man as beautiful and kind-hearted as you. I think you’re really beautiful and I’d like to – I’d love to have a picture of you. Would you be comfortable sending me a picture?”

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Ladki Ki Tareef Ke Liye





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