Tareef Shayari For Beautiful Girl In English

tareef shayari for beautiful girl in english

Tareef Shayari For Beautiful Girl In English



Tareef shayari for beautiful girl in english, Hello dear readers, today we have brought a collection of your favorite poetry, in which there is poetry in Hindi to impress someone, beautiful Hindi quotes to praise your girlfriend. We hope you will like these love-filled messages of ours. Send it to your girlfriend and share it. This beautiful poetry of ours will bring happiness in the love of both of you. Shayari full of love, fun, thank you for giving us your valuable time. Have a nice time – Have a god time.




I feel like writing your praise on every paper.
Today let me write God’s blessings in your praise.
Thought the reader might become crazy about you.
When I write a ghazal on these beautiful eyes of yours.


The moon came out at night but did not boast of its beauty.
Looks like The moon must have seen the face of my love.
My dear, there is madness in your love.
If so, I will spend my whole life just looking at you.


To praise you
I don’t need any pen.
you are my life just know this
You don’t need to know anything else.


I am crazy and crazy about your love, my love.
Yes, I have to spend my whole life just seeing you.


Tareef Shayari For Beautiful Girl In English


Don’t know when you became my destiny.
Just a glimpse of you became my picture


You are my desire my love, you are my reality
you are my beautiful fragrance heartbeat
Really You are more beautiful than Moon.


Just go out on a moonlit night.
Even the moon will hide after seeing you.
One day we praised your beauty so much
The whole sky remained deserted, the moon did not come out at night.


This is how we praised our beloved.
Even the moon was not visible in the sky throughout the night.


When your eyes look up, it’s morning.
And if I look down, it will be evening
just smile once
There will be a massacre during the gathering.


Surely even Sky should feel shy after seeing you.
You are so happy that your name comes before God.


If you say it is not going away then how can you say it?
We love you very much.
My heart knows that this life is sacrificed for you.
This heart is waiting only for you.


Whenever she passes near me.
Removes the mask from her stance.
I don’t know why that day is mine
Increases heart beat.


She has such an innocent look in her eyes.
The restlessness and restlessness in this heart turns into silence.

My heart keeps beating thinking about her all the time.
I don’t know what kind of magic she casts on me.


She is a spark of beauty
She is a beautiful angel of the universe.
My heart wants to see her even in sleep
She is such a delicate rose bush,


Words To Praise A Woman


Her black mischievous eyes are adorned in silver.
Neither arrows nor swords, love only
yet she is causing massacres with her beautiful form.


Seeing her style, you become her slave for a moment.
Her beauty is harassing me


What did we see in his eyes?
Sometimes he was seen as a murderer and sometimes as God.
Sometimes I saw anger and sometimes I saw loyalty.
What did we see in the eyes of love


It means that everyone is crazy about your looks.
Yes, but there is no other lover like me.


The eyes filled with Antimony committed murder.
Her smile enslaved me.
Made me crazy about beauty
She kissed me and her cheeks love rose.


We gave our hearts to a beautiful angel.
He accepted every wish of hers.
He also valued my love
The one whose destiny has settled by keeping it in the heart.


I will not be able to put into words the secret of your beauty.
I know lightning shines when you smile.
May I pray to the brightness of these stars
I will get entangled in the magic of your beauty.


His words drive me crazy.
Her smile forgets every sorrow.
What can I say about the stories of her innocence?
It purifies love the eyes just by touching it.


girl tareef in english


We will spend the evening in the shade of your eyelashes.
We will give our life for one smile of yours.


What can we learn from sleep that does not allow us to get lost in dreams?
We have a complaint against that face that doesn’t let us sleep the whole night.


If I find you, life becomes beautiful.
May every evening of life become colourful.
Then there will be no unnecessary silence in this heart
If you come into my life.


Her smile blows our senses.
Whenever we regain consciousness, she smiles again.


Oh God, just do one thing for me.
Make a beautiful love in my name.
My only request to you is this much
When he meets me, you turn morning into evening.


Whenever I talk, the smell of flowers comes.
Looks like you have blooming roses on your lips.
Surely he has the sun on his face.
That is why they hide the beauty and love from us.




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